Food and place of your Choice...

Why Choose Bhojan Guru?

Are you busy in this cycle???
Work-home-work-office-work-home-work-office work, work, work.....
In this busy schedule if one wants to eat some delicious with their loved one in their favorite restaurant or hotel, time and work, works like an enemy.
Bhojanguru is your solution, “food and place of your choice" Our mission is to ensure nobody eat bad meal when they have no time to go more.....
We are step by step service provider anytime anywhere. Our basic motive is helping you discover the best places around you.
Our team collects information from every restaurant/hotel or food corner on a regular basis and ensures our data is fresh as your food. A group of food lovers share their experiences and photos, so that you could take quick decision and that you need to make an informed choice.


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